Bamboo Naturals

Wear incredible Canadian-made clothing while contributing to the environment. 

Exclusive to, the Bamboo Naturals line provided by Slymwear is unparalleled for its blissfully soft feel and flattering fit. The added spandex gives the fabric a little extra give when moving around.  Bamboo is antibacterial, odor resistant, has natural wicking properties and is static free.  The natural properties of bamboo keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  All of the Bamboo used in this line is pre-shrunk and will maintain its properties for over 50 washes!  This line is for the progressive, modern person. Continue your journey enjoying Bamboo clothing or join the movement now! Bamboo Naturals line is available in a large assortment of colours and sizes from XS to 4XL. 

Note: Please contact us for 2XL to 4XL orders as they require an additional charge.

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