Chic Mamma Features My Legwear Shop in her Holiday Gift Guide

Chic Mamma Pina Crispo started her blog after realizing how overwhelming it was as a first time mom. She created a community where moms could come together, share their experiences and get advice. Along with getting helpful answers to the many questions we have as first time moms, it didn't take her long to realize how much more convenient it was to shop online instead of running around with the wee ones in tow. Always sharing her knowledge as to where we could get the best deals, we are lucky to be featured in her Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide with My Legwear Shop

"The Christmas lists are never ending, the shopping is insane, the preparation is stressing you out and once again us Mammas are thinking about everyone and everything but ourselves. Well, it’s time to do something for yourself and maybe get yourself a little something this holiday season, which is why I’m featuring one of my favourite local online stores…My Legwear Shop!

My Legwear Shop is a homegrown Canadian company that was launched by founder Antonella, a Mamma just like us. Her desire for great fashion and comfort is what kick started My Legwear Shop. She was on a mission to find comfortable and quality clothing, at a price that wouldn’t break the bank, while being stylish and trendy. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she knew that something had to change that. She knew that she would have to be the person to make that change.

My Legwear Shop is THE place to shop for athleisure, athletic wear, leggings, yoga pants, hosiery, stockings, tights, shape wear and much more. Tons of great and affordable items for both girls and women and I’m excited to fill you in on some my faves.

Let’s start with something from the Slymwear line which is exclusive to My Legwear Shop. I love this line because the quality is amazing. It’s made right here in Canada and the pieces from this collection are versatile, so you can wear them to workout in or just as everyday casual wear."

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