"I'm am kind of in love with bright colors! And so this hot pink duo is absolutely my favorite!" 

A little snow won't stop her from willing on spring. On the blog with Meghan McKenna 
MPG Sport Grid Mesh Capri in Surf Wax
"This tank had me at hello – the criss-cross back, the fun colors, the fit! It is the perfect tank to work out in or to run errands. I love wearing this to my barre classes because it stays put and is so pretty! But honestly, you could find me wearing this with a pair of jeans as well… that is how much I love it!"
"These leggings, though!!! Am I right?!!? OMG, the cut outs are to DIE for! So fun and OH SO SLIMMING! Cut-outs can be a hit or miss and these are definitely a HIT! and the mesh is incredible and breathable! I am so obsessed!"
MPG Sport Grid Mesh Capri in Surf Wax
"And I am so happy that I FINALLY got to break out these Skechers bad boys! I have been terrified about getting these dirty in the snow, but since it is finally melting I thought – why not!? The bright coral matches PERFECTLY and I am just loving the pop of color that these can add to any simple workout outfit!"
With Love, Meg

Chic Mamma Pina Crispo started her blog after realizing how overwhelming it was as a first time mom. She created a community where moms could come together, share their experiences and get advice. Along with getting helpful answers to the many questions we have as first time moms, it didn't take her long to realize how much more convenient it was to shop online instead of running around with the wee ones in tow. Always sharing her knowledge as to where we could get the best deals, we are lucky to be featured in her Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide with My Legwear Shop

"The Christmas lists are never ending, the shopping is insane, the preparation is stressing you out and once again us Mammas are thinking about everyone and everything but ourselves. Well, it’s time to do something for yourself and maybe get yourself a little something this holiday season, which is why I’m featuring one of my favourite local online stores…My Legwear Shop!

My Legwear Shop is a homegrown Canadian company that was launched by founder Antonella, a Mamma just like us. Her desire for great fashion and comfort is what kick started My Legwear Shop. She was on a mission to find comfortable and quality clothing, at a price that wouldn’t break the bank, while being stylish and trendy. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she knew that something had to change that. She knew that she would have to be the person to make that change.

My Legwear Shop is THE place to shop for athleisure, athletic wear, leggings, yoga pants, hosiery, stockings, tights, shape wear and much more. Tons of great and affordable items for both girls and women and I’m excited to fill you in on some my faves.

Let’s start with something from the Slymwear line which is exclusive to My Legwear Shop. I love this line because the quality is amazing. It’s made right here in Canada and the pieces from this collection are versatile, so you can wear them to workout in or just as everyday casual wear."

For link to full blog post click here.

We couldn't agree more! There is no question we all love our leggings including TV Host and Producer Julia Suppa. Julia provides personal insight into the transformation of leggings in fashion and includes them in her Holiday Gift Guide. 

"When I was a kid, I lived in leggings. I had leggings in every single colour of the rainbow. Like most kids of the 80s, I would wear a long t-shirt or tunic top with that little plastic loopy, belt buckle minus the belt, thingy, overtop my leggings.

Sometime between age 12 and 30, leggings became uncool. More than uncool. They were a faux pas. An embarrassment, even. Certain body types were discouraged from wearing leggings and if you did bare the bottoms, you had best be wearing them properly. Leggings are not pants, magazines and fashion shows would remind us. I even remember raising an eyebrow at the thought of putting on a pair -- no way, no how."

Read her full post here: Love My Leggings #giftguide



Have you ever felt like you were just going through the motions of your day-to-day routine? Do you consistently question the direction you’re headed but are too afraid to make certain changes?  Let’s talk about our "comfort zone". 

1. The Science behind our Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a mental state in which we tend to feel familiar, at ease and in control.  Stepping out of it tends to raise anxiety and causes a stress response.  This stress response is known as the ‘optimal performance zone’ where performance and skills are enhanced.  Performance declines if anxiety levels rise beyond a certain point (i.e. the “danger zone”). If we let fear dictate our direction we may end up feeling stuck in our comfort zone. The result will leave us feeling uninspired and unhappy.  

2.  My Comfort Zone

Ask yourself these questions.  Do you embrace challenges? Or is your preference to follow rigid routines and organize every aspect of your life? For myself personally, I'm an extreme planner and organizer. I never thought I was the type to embrace change easily. I realized that I was afraid to face certain challenges and goals. Realizing that I was not as rigid and inflexible as I thought I was, it was time to face these challenges.

Challenge #1 - I have a real fear of heights. If I find myself standing at a certain elevation and I can’t look down, you will usually find me with my eyes closed. Have you heard the phrase, “when in Rome?” Well, for me…it was Paris and the Eiffel Tower. As one usually does when visiting the Eiffel Tower, we took the elevator to the top. Then a crazy thought occurred to me. Why not face my fear of heights in Paris?!   I don’t know what possessed me to face this fear but I did.  I actually WALKED DOWN the Eiffel Tower! Anyone who has a real fear of heights knows that looking down is a big no-no. And walking down without looking down was a huge challenge. I picked the back of my husbands head as my viewpoint the whole way down. Did I mention I was also 6 months pregnant and hanging on for dear life the whole way down? Now it may not seem like a big deal but let me give you some perspective. It wasn’t too long before this episode I needed to call the authorities for help after climbing a ladder with my 3 year old at an indoor children’s playground. I literally froze and lost my pelvic floor.   

CHALLENGE #2 – I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and consider myself generally active. I enjoy the routine of attending instructed fitness classes.  I'm also not competitive and am the first person to quit if a game of Monopoly gets too heated. Here is another challenge I can throw into the bucket. I’ve been asked many times to join an outdoor women’s soccer league but I always declined. I had too many strikes against me. For one, I had not taken part in any organized sports in my life.  But one summer I decided to take the plunge and join a team of strong and inspiring women who welcomed me with open arms.  These girls didn’t give a hoot that I had never played the game in my life. But that didn’t stop me from getting butterflies before every game. So why was I putting myself through this? Joining a team sport was always a goal but I doubted whether I had enough physical or mental skill to do it.  I was too "old" to learn the game right?  Wrong. That was fear holding me back. You are never too old to take chances.  I needed to crush my doubts and just “GO FOR IT”.  And it felt damn good.

3. Facing my ultimate fear

Now comes the very scary part, my career.  Yes, I was able to accept certain physical challenges but my career was a whole other story. I had a steady job and income in an industry that I loved. Over the years I developed the skills and the confidence to climb up the corporate ladder. I was in my comfort zone. But then something started happening, I started to feel demotivated, distracted and too “comfortable”. I started waking up anxious with that dreaded “pit of your stomach” feeling that you get when you just don’t enjoy it anymore. It was a tell-tale sign that this was not what I wanted to do anymore. I was no longer challenged. I always had this wacky crazy idea of owning my own business, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur.  I never fed that vision or took it seriously. Why change a good thing? So I should just learn to be happy and just stick to it right? However, I reached a certain point in my life that I could no longer deny this ambition any longer.  Deciding what that was or how to even begin was the hard part. It took quite a bit of thought, research and the overwhelming support of those closest to me and that’s how My Legwear Shop came into fruition. 

 4. Your Optimal Performance Zone

Time is one of the resources in life that you cannot buy back. If you have convinced yourself that you can’t achieve certain goals or aspirations or that some obstacles are preventing you from going forward, then you may eventually end up feeling stuck. You may get “too comfortable” which may eventually lead to unhappiness. We are each unique individuals with our own unique talents and skills.  What we can do is harness our strengths to learn new skills and challenge ourselves. We can push our boundaries to work on our weaknesses and fears and crush those goals. The comfort zone needs to be constantly nourished to make you feel at ease, in control and engaged.  If you find yourself questioning your direction or asking yourself “what if”, it’s time to do some soul searching. No matter how big or small, goals can excite and scare us at the same time.  The scary part is what we have to attack. But you don’t have to do it alone. And it does take time, effort and brainstorming.  Are you ready to challenge yourself and break out of your comfort zone?  




You would be surprised if you did a little research as to where and how your favorite yoga pants are manufactured.  According to the Elephant Journal, brands such as Lululemon, Gap's Athleta, Target and Old Navy are "almost definitely made in Asia, and you can be sure that they are made in sweatshops, where people work 100-plus hours a week (in shifts that last anywhere from 14 to 22 hours) for wages that are well below poverty level (around 20 to 24 cents per hour)." 

According to a recent Women's Health article, "Yoga Pants All Day and Every Day" there is a resurgence of other Canadian brands made right here in Canada. These local companies all have the same thing in common. Their focus is to create fashion-driven athletic apparel we all want. Each designing fashion forward trends with the latest fabrication technology to offer you the best performance gear for your active life. Being active is not just about hitting the gym. It’s a lifestyle.

Tonic Lifestyle Apparel

Like similar Canadian manufacturers in the athletic apparel industry, Tonic is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada using environmentally responsible practices. Their versatile collections are known for durable fabrics, technical excellence and exceptional fit. Innovative fabrics and thoughtful design ensure that each piece performs at the highest level time after time to stretch, move and work every step of the way

Karma Athletics

Karma has emerged as an authentic athletic wear brand, and are well regarded in many markets internationally. It is their mission to be innovative and unique. All of their garments are manufactured in Canada with high-standards of a safe and ethical workplace. They ensure their factories are operating within safe labour practices and working conditions throughout Karma’s supply chain. Local manufacturing helps to not only support the local economy but also to sustain the know-how of garment manufacturing in North America.


This collection offers premium quality athletic wear, made in Canada, and suitable for all types of activities. This line is ideal for yoga, dance, running, cycling, gymnastics or everyday casual wear. Slymwear manufactures with the highest quality where the nylon used is made to feel silky and smooth...like a second skin so you can breathe and flex. With a high percentage of Spandex that is engineered into the fabric, your clothing will keep its shape forever. The breathability in this clothing allows it to dry faster than cotton, it won't fade, wrinkle, snag or pill. 

Slymwear also offers a collection of "Bamboo Naturals" and is unparalleled for its blissfully soft feel and flattering fit. The added spandex gives the fabric a little extra give when moving around. Bamboo is antibacterial, odor resistant, has natural wicking properties and is static free. The natural properties of bamboo keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Know where your product is made.

Have you ever walked into your yoga studio or kick-boxing class and noticed two or three other participants wearing the same gear? When it comes to workout gear, the first brand that comes to mind is the big L. And that could be bad news for the company. Ashley Lutz from Business Insider explains why in her article, "Lululemon is insanely popular — and that's terrible news for the brand" 
Check out our other blog post "Yoga Pants All Day and Every Day"  for access to a Women's Health article making mention of the resurgence of other Canadian brands made right here in Canada such as Tonic, Karma and Slymwear. Have you also wondered where your yoga pants are made? Click the link to our other blog post here.


With Love, Meg’ is a Lifestyle Blog created by Megan McKenna with a focus on Fashion, Nutrition, and Travel with a few other things tossed in there. Megan is a Nutrition Student who loves to travel, live a healthy life, drink a good cup of coffee, and find amazing deals on beautiful pieces of clothing.

Meg shares her recent experience with My Legwear Shop and how some updates to your fitness fashion can get you in the mood to re-energize your fitness routine

"Want my advice to get you up and moving today, tomorrow and this whole week? A new workout outfit!  Whenever I am feeling in a workout rut, a new workout outfit is the perfect thing to re-motivate me to hit the gym, put in that extra mile, or do the extra set of burpees! My Legwear Shop is the perfect place to find that new piece to add to your sportswear collection! They have a wide variety of brands and pieces – there will most definitely be something there for you!"


 "The most important part of my workout outfit? A good pair of leggings. I love ones with a fun print on them like the pair I am wearing pictured here. IN LOVE! And I love that the pattern is made of neutral colors – so I can pair it with bright colors!"

Read her full blog post here

Thank you Meg! 


We are simply ecstatic with the review @MrsLouLou shared of her shopping experience with My Legwear Shop

About Loukia 

"I started Loulou's Views in 2007 so my friends and family could keep up with the day-to-day happenings in my life as a mom. I've always loved writing, and I've always shared my opinions and views on basically... everything ... with everyone I know, so blogging was a natural fit for me.

I blog about my life as a mom, but Loulou's Views is so much more than that. I'm a lifestyle blogger, a shopping blogger, a beauty blogger, and a travel blogger. I write about current events, the news that affects me as a mom, and I write about the things I love—from the best beauty products to the best places to travel to, and where to stay when you're on vacation, with kids, and without. I've travelled a lot, and am happy to report that my boys share my passion for travelling."


Loulou's Reviews Her Shopping Experience 

"I recently discovered www.mylegwearshop.com and love the variety of leggings and active wear they offer—and I'm so happy they sent me some active wear, too. Ordering online was simple and fun. The only hard part was deciding which pair of leggings to select... and which tops to choose out of the many they have online. I'm happy to report that my package arrived within days, and everything fit perfectly.My Legwear Shop aims at helping people dress comfortably, whether at work, at home, or at the gym. I love that their core principle is CCC: comfort, confidence, and convenience. I couldn't agree more—and I love the styles and products they offer.

If you love shopping—and online shopping—make sure to check them out. I promise you, you'll love what you see, and more importantly, you'll love the items you select, from premium athletic wear, leggings, yoga pants, and tops."

Now go get your sweat on! Thank you, My Legwear Shop, for the awesome athletic gear. Working out is even more fun now."

Read Full Post Here

Thank you Loukia! Follow her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook 


Need motivation or someone to give you a daily boost? Or perhaps you need a friendly face every day to keep you on track. If there is someone you must follow on Instagram and Facebook, it’s Voula Cicchelli. Along with her friendly smile she brightens your day with inspiration, holistic health advice and sometimes a good laugh.

Her Credentials

As a Holistic Nutritionist, certified Personal Trainer, Body Transformation Coach and owner of Lifestyle4Life, Voula Cicchelli’s expertise is helping clients utilize food and exercise to battle depression, lose weight and gain their confidence back. She educates her clients, empowering them to take personal ownership of their own health and happiness. Voula is also the author of Deliciously Healthy, a recipe e-book as well as the popular Clean Eating Kick Start 7 day program. Voula’s passion is infectious and she continues to motivate and help women all over find their way back to themselves.

How We Met

I met Voula about a year ago through the power of social media. From our first meeting, it felt like I had known her all my life. What a sweet, caring, selfless young woman and powerhouse. She spoke of her journey and truly speaks to inspire and motivate you to be your very best. And you know why? Because she absolutely loves what she does and supports others along their own personal journeys. From that first meeting, she has been a constant in my life. I became a subscriber and look forward to her emails where she has a talent for uplifting you, motivating you and delivering fitness and health education in an adorably entertaining manner.

As a fan of fitness and healthy living myself, I need exercise in my life just like I need air and water to survive. But even I needed help when I couldn't motivate myself to go to the gym or I was just too busy. I started feeling guilty and depressed. That's where Voula came to my rescue. She gave me workout at home solutions using just 30 minutes a day. With 30 minutes, I had no more excuses. And these routines were by no means easy! They were short and effective.

I also downloaded her ebook “Deliciously Healthy” providing me over 25 simple and delicious recipes in under 30 minutes. I’ve also tried many of her quick 30 minutes and not-so-easy but EFFECTIVE workouts. You will often find her wearing our comfy athleisure attire from Slymwear and MPG Sport. She was also gracious enough to volunteer her time to model for us during on Rogers TV during our first debut appearance and our encore appearance featuring “Athleisure”.

Her Personal Journey

As a mom, she understands that we tend to take the back seat and because of that, we often suffer with ill health. She suffered depression after the birth of her second child and it affected her entire life. Her marriage was suffering and with a one year old to care for, she was miserable and eventually became overweight. She eventually took matters into her own hands and took the first big step. Nowadays, you will find her one of the first to wake up at the crack of dawn to fit in her workouts before the rest of her family is up and ready to start the day. She makes this a priority and makes it NON-NEGOTIALBLE.

Where to Find Her
You will find her daily on Instagram and Facebook sharing daily motivation, nutrition tips, workouts, recipes and more. You can also check out her Website where you can subscribe to her awesome and informative weekly emails and shop for one of her popular programs. You can also grab one, or both of her FREE guides that will get you started in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for? Follow her along and she will follow you along your personal journey to get healthy, strong and confident!


[sim-plee soop-a]: People, products, places and experiences that are so super they're worth sharing. Sincerely. Clearly. Plainly.

We are thrilled with Julia Suppa's review of our Slymwear Lonnie Legging. Julia Suppa is the woman behind www.simplysuppa.com. She is a Journalist, TV Host and Producer. She loves to immerse herself with interesting things and people. She is a writer, a reader, a knitter, a traveller, a wine lover, a foodie, "an amateur DIYer and ...social media obsessed." If there is one woman you want to follow on social media, its her. She provides informative, personal and honest reviews. 

"When I was a kid, I lived in leggings. Like, every single day. I had leggings in every different colour and wore them with my favourite long tunics and that little plastic circle doodad that you looped your shirt into. You know what I mean, '80s child. Flash forward 20+ years later and while leggings are back "in", my body has changed, more than slightly. Plus, the WAY we're supposed to wear leggings has changed, too."

To see more of the #ontheblog post of our Slymwear Lonnie Legging, click the image below and don't forget to subscribe to her newsletter!

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